Dress Code


All who wish to attend should avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hairstyle. You should look modest and respectful. This is a formal event. In other words, T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes won't work. Here are the expectations: 


Young women should wear a formal or semi-formal dress of modest length that covers the
shoulder and is not low-cut in the front or the back or revealing in any other manner. Scroll down for ideas on what not to wear and ideas for finding the right dress: 

What not to wear: 

  • Sleeveless Dresses
  • Spaghetti straps (dress should have sleeves)
  • Short dresses (length should come to the knee)
  • Sheer fabric 
  • Plunging necklines
  • Open back dresses

Dress shopping can be a trial. Here are some suggestions as you plan for a wonderful evening: 

  • Swap or borrow – Do you have a nice dress, but you wore it last year? Trade dresses with a friend or ask around in your Ward or Stake.
  • Sew What? – Sew yourself a beautiful dress or find someone who can help. Consider paying or trading (babysitting?) for sewing services. It may be easier and faster than shopping at local stores for a modest dress! 
  • Get a Face lift...for your dress! – Add a colored sash, jacket, or shrug. This is also a good option if you find a dress without sleeves. Just make sure your shoulders and back are covered and that you keep the jacket on. Scarves, drapes, or shawls are not an adequate cover. 
  • Check online – Buy a dress from an online store specializing in modest clothing. Remember that even a modest-styled dress can be immodest if it fits too tightly, is too short, or is stretched so your shoulders aren't covered. 
  • A Few Tips (Especially for guests) – Our standards are high because you are a daughter of God! We want to see you looking modest and beautiful at the Prom. This will be a clean, wholesome, wonderful night–an evening to remember! 


Young men should dress in formal wear. Tuxedos are welcome but not required. Come in a
dress-shirt and dress-pants with a tie. Suit coats are also a nice way to look dressed up. You
should also maintain modesty in your appearance. 

So which will you wear? A tuxedo, or suit and tie? Either way, you will look marvelous! 
You may have a suit already. If not, ask around! Borrow one from a friend or family member
who has your same build. You can also look at a local thrift shop for something reasonable to purchase. You may find a tuxedo! 

As an alternative to renting a tuxedo, check online to purchase a used tux online. Often, used tuxedos are cheaper than the cost of rental, and they sometimes come with shoes, vests, ties, and even cuff links.